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Liked on YouTube: This video is DEFINITELY about Pokemon!

This video is DEFINITELY about Pokemon!
This video is DEFINITELY about Pokemon!

Definately, definately about pokemon. Why would I make a video about anything OTHER than pokemon?

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Liked on YouTube: #ThisWeekInBS Toxic Masculinity in Clinical Psychology Bad Bias Burrowes

#ThisWeekInBS Toxic Masculinity in Clinical Psychology Bad Bias Burrowes
This week we bust the bad bias of Dr. Taylor Burrowes and her sexist views while discussing toxic masculinity.

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Liked on YouTube: Osho: “The Rich Man’s Guru”

Osho: “The Rich Man’s Guru”
In this video, Frustrated Atheist and I discuss the methods and philosophy of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as OSHO. We delve into his early life, teachings, and dynamic meditations.

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[1] Eckankar Ex Cult Member Forum:

[2] Cortisol Reference:

[3] OSHO Biography

[4] “9 Things You Should Know About the Rajneeshees”


[6] Dynamic meditation video –

[7] NCBI article: “Osho – Insights on sex”

[8] NCBI article: “Osho Dynamic Meditation’s Effect on Serum Cortisol Level”

[9] The New Republic article: “Memoirs of an Ex-Sannyasin”
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Liked on YouTube: Q&A Consciousness and More

Q&A Consciousness and More
Q&A following the live premiere of consciousness episode.
Created by: Amanda Cumming
Edited by: Aaron Albritton
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Liked on YouTube: DRP 26 Evans Murphy

DRP 26 Evans Murphy
DRP 26 Evans Murphy

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Liked on YouTube: Seneca’s Of Anger Ft. Wonder Lady pt.11

Seneca’s Of Anger Ft. Wonder Lady pt.11
Eleventh and final episode where Wonder Lady and I discuss Seneca’s “Of Anger”

This video covers sections 19, 20, and 21 of the Stoic essay, examining the dynamic of anger in terms of punishment.

We ask the question:

✴ Is anger useful?

✴ How may we apply this teaching to life?

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✴ Link to source reading:

Different Eras of Stoicism and their key teachers.

✴ Epictetus


✴ Marcus Aurelius

The Meditations:
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